Two Cats pel gospel

Established in September 2000, our gospel choir was ignited by a singular passion: to express how deeply music moves us. Our craft is more than just singing—it’s a full-bodied celebration of life through melodies and spirited movements. By 2002, we proudly came together as the ‘Twocats pel gospel’ association. Driven by youthful energy and an unceasing pursuit of musical and spiritual growth, we are more than just a choir.

Our musical portfolio is eclectic, blending timeless gospel classics with fresh renditions from diverse gospel streams and genres like R&B and soul.

We made our public debut in January 2001, joining other choirs for the Festa Major in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni district. Over the years, we’ve graced stages in over 100 performances both within Catalonia and internationally. Notable appearances include the Gospel Awards in Berlin (2005), the Festival for Peace and Coexistence in León (2008), and the Canòlich d’Andorra (2014 & 2015). We’re honored to have shared the stage with luminaries such as Emmanuel Djob, Monica Green, Felicia Taylor, the Chicago Mass Choir, and the Joyful Voices of Inspiration.

Sonia Moreno, Director

Originating from Almeria, she began her journey with gospel music in 2000, first with ‘Twocats pel gospel‘. Alongside Twocats, she has been directing  ‘Clappers del Weclap‘ since its beginning in 2014. This association focuses on musical projects that blend artistic expression, education, societal connection, and personal growth. She has also been a director in choirs like Gospel Sentits (Badalona) and Zetzània (Cornellà).

Educated with a degree in Journalism and a Diploma in Teaching emphasizing music education, she has gently guided children and young people at  Sant Andreu (Nazareth), Infant Jesús, Diàula, and Lourdes School in Barcelona for more than a decade.

She also collaborates with the educational departments of the Auditori de Barcelona and the Palau de la Música, offering her insights for various artistic productions.

In addition to her choir work, she conducts «Systemic Voice» sessions and facilitates spaces for musical constellations.

Following «Systemic voice», she built a Systemic Gospel Masters program which is taught through the University of Girona Foundation.

Her personal creations include the album «Sin Regomello», released in 2013, and a heartfelt collection of poems «Satélites», reflecting on voice and music, shared in 2017.